October 7, 2009

so i'm job now.

I don't even want to begin to dissect all of the ways this is contradictory, but I'm pretty sure that god is punishing me for being an atheist.

Because of a horrendous and completely unenthralling series of events, I had to spend way too much money licensing my dog. Then I had to go to court to prove that I licensed my dog, which took six hours.

Why did it take six hours, you ask? Pomona has been issuing so many tickets that the line to get through the metal detector was wrapped around the building. It was like waiting in line at Disneyland, only at the end there's no Captain Eo, no small world after all, not even a monorail. So you know, it was awesome.

Since I left in a frantic whirlwind (the unemployed don't get anywhere at 8:30 am without an epic struggle) my laptop was still open and plugged in when I left. When I came back, a long seam had erupted in my ceiling and dumped the rain from our first and only rainstorm this fall right onto my open laptop.

Rice helped not at all.