February 3, 2010

pew pew, pew pew!

I've been in Texas less than a month and I'm already shootin' guns. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm going to drop the "g" in shooting any time I'm using that verb to talk about me and guns in Texas.

We went to Red's Indoor Range, where ladies get free gun rentals on Mondays, and shooting is half price. Sometimes it pays to be a lady. A gun-totin' lady. I went with two other noobs who didn't know how to handle guns really, either, so there was no one to make fun of the girl from California who doesn't know how to work the safety. None of us knew how to work the safety. Which maybe should have been cause for a little more concern on everyone's part. The man with the awesome moustache who hands out the guns asked us to fill out a little yes/no questionnaire, and seeing that two of us had never shot a gun before, he gave us a minute long tutorial on how to load and shoot the guns, then sent us off to get headphones, armed and confused.

I decided to go with something small and unintimidating since I've never even held a gun before, and the .22 I rented seemed to be just the thing. It was like shooting a cap gun, only dangerous. Oh, and see that crazy looking gun that's as long as I am tall sitting there next to me? That's the AK the boys rented. It was the loudest thing anyone was shooting that night. I'm pretty sure a gun like that could overthrow a government all by itself.

Verdict: Shootin' is awesome. I'm going back on Monday, and I think I'm gonna shoot something bigger and louder.


  1. to be fair, you ain't been shootin' until you been shootin' at tin cans. I thought that was like a state sport down there.

  2. True. I'm pretty sure The Lone Star on the Lone Star can is so big because that makes it easier to aim.