February 28, 2010


I spent most of Saturday at Videocamp Austin, a conference coordinated by the up-and-comers over at Reel Social Media and Lights. Camera. Help. who created a great participant-driven event that was informative, fun and got me all fired up about video production. And I did some guest blogging on their site during the event, so mosey on over there to see what I had to say and learn about the resources that were presented.

I spent most of Saturday night at the after-party for Videocamp, and let me tell you social media and video production folks are hilarious. Also, several of them really know how to shake their asses. We met up at Annie's West on 6th Street, where once again I was amazed and confused by my bar tab. Listen up Los Angeles: I had two cocktails at a swanky bar in the heart of downtown, and I had to buy another drink to meet the $10 credit card minimum. You could learn something from this town.

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